Qualifications for 24-Hour Access for Users

  • Status: Applicants for 24-hours access must be regular affiliates or employees of MEMC. There must be an in-place Affiliation Endorsement, currently valid, with  24-hour authorization.
  • C-14 Certification: Applicants shall hold a New York Fire Department Permit for Supervision of a Chemical Laboratory certificate (type C-14) in their home institution.
  • Qualification: 24-hours access is granted on a per-instrument basis. Users must be deemed independent by two MEMC staff members on two separate occasions.
  • Need: The applicant should have a reasonable need for significant 24-hour access to the resources of the Center. The privilege of 24-hour access is solely for the scientific use of the MEMC resources.


  • MEMC users approved for 24-hour access will be given a “Temporary Access Form” requiring an authorized staff member’s signature.
  • Users must request 24-hour access in advance of anticipated need.
  • The user must keep a copy of the “Temporary Access Form” on their person during their time in the facility, a second copy must be given to the security guard. Guards should have a list of all users granted temporary 24-hour access. The guard will control access to secure areas.

Human Safety

  • To this end, there must always be two or more people present in the building for an 24-hour user to be present. Since there will normally be a guard present, this will be readily satisfied, but in the absence of a guard (by failure of the service provider), a single 24-hour user is NOT PERMITTED. If the guard leaves the premises unattended, any remaining 24-hour users should contact the NYSBC on-call person immediately. If there is only one user present, then they should remain at the guard desk until the NYSBC staff person arrives, and must NOT operate in the rest of the building.
  • The guard is instructed to list that they have observed all occupants at 0000, 0300, 0600, 0900, 1200, 1500, 1800, and 2100 h outside working hours.
  • Users can only transport nitrogen with 4L dewars.
  • Visitors are not permitted, unless they also hold a Temporary Access Form.
    • Violations of this rule will be regarded as extremely serious and will result in the withdrawal of the 24-hour privilege.
  • No more than 36 hours inside the SEMC area, until 10 hours rest has been taken.


  • NYSBC operates a surveillance system for the protection of the building’s occupants and property. It is prohibited to block or obstruct any camera or detector.
  • Do not open any door other than the main entrance door to enter or exit at any time, except in the case of fire.
  • Every 24-hour user will register with the guard at entry and exit. Users will present their temporary 24-hour access sheet to the guard for access. If the guard denies permission, call the person who authorized your 24-hour access.
  • Every 24-hour user carries an NYSBC ID card and a specified photo ID card from their home institution, and will present it to the guard if requested.
  • Security does not hesitate to summon the police if they have concerns about unauthorized people in or around the building or if they sense any dangerous circumstances.

Emergency Contacts

  • NYSBC contacts. The guard will have a list at the front desk of contact information for NYSBC on-call personnel. These phone numbers are for EMERGENCY use when there is a substantial risk of physical damage to the center/equipment.
  • Police and Fire contacts. The guard will provide security coordination. In case of guard incapacity or absence, dial 911.
  • Ambulance and Hospital contacts. Dial 911 for an ambulance for severe emergencies. The nearest hospitals are St. Lukes, Amsterdam & 113th St., and Presbyterian at 168th St & Broadway.