Member institution guidelines for application:

The TFS Glacios electron microscope features a 200 kV XFEG optics, an autoloader capable of holding 12 grids, and has the same automation for ease of use as the Krios TEM.
MEMC users may apply for access to the system by completing a short application. Approved applicants displaying project readiness will be provided with staff assisted access to Glacios 2 “Walter”. Grids will be screened by our Glacios operator during business hours through one of three protocols: upcoming Krios session screening, data collection, or grid quality assessment. The user’s presence is recommended to observe the session’s progress. We also offer Smart Leginon, a program that loads & unloads all grids, collects images at each magnification through utilization of machine learning and computer vision algorithms to identify and rank squares and holes, allowing the system to automatically identify and select likely targets of interest, while avoiding empty holes or ice contamination.

We guarantee four grids per manual screening session. You may request more grids to be screened during manual screening if the additional grids are clipped prior to drop off. Pending availability of the scope, your request may be denied. With Smart Leginon, an entire cassette may be loaded.
*We offer only four complimentary clippings*

If you would like to apply, please fill out this application.