Member institution guidelines for application:
Chameleon is a commercial prototype of the Spotiton robot which provides a novel method for vitrifying samples for cryoEM. MEMC member institutions may apply for access to the system by completing a short application as described below. Successful applicants will be provided with staff assisted access to the chameleon for a half day exploratory study. During this time, grids will be prepared using the chameleon and examined on a screening microscope.

If you would like to apply, please fill out this application

Suggested Sample Requirements

Acceptable Recommended
Concentration 0.5–5 mg/ml 2x-4x the plunging concentration
Glycerol 0–10 % No glycerol
Detergent As low as possible No detergent
Stability 1 hour at RT 4+ hours at RT
Volume 10 µl 25 + µl